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Geoff and Judy co-sponsored Zeii Leak's new commercial kitchen giving her financial independence. Siem Reap Cambodia.

Geoff and Judy busy painting Rotary built  toilets at Kla Kamum Cambodia.

geoff and judy1.jpg

Knitted dolls were a huge hit everywhere.

Geoff and Sue painting the floor of Sim's Sochea Ne School at Kon Seng school Cambodia.

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Judy delivered medical supplies to Dr Pholla

Judy put together new baby packages for the new and expectant mums. Funded by SIM's Cambodia.

geoff and judy3.jpg

Someone stole Reaksmey's heart.

geoff and judy6.jpg

Judy distributing blankets at Kla Kamum, Cambodia funded by Rotary Club of East Maitland BBQ's.


Our fabulous marshalls at the Stockton Tri Series.


Swimming event at the Stockton Tri Series.


Cooking up a storm in the van at Stockton.


SErvice with a smile as Rotatactor Anabel helps with sales at Stockton.

A great social night was enjoyed at Maitland Croquet Club

The sunset after croquet was stunning.

The Rotary Club of East Maitland maintain their Cambodian projects through the collection of Cans and Bottles.
Geoff and Judy Hicks helped Brian and Sue with the painting of the doors to protect them from weather.

SIM's Cambodia

Tiarith received a new bike to enable him to access school in Siem Reap. SIM's Cambodia is a RAWCS Project through the Rotary Club of East Maitland.

pushbike handover1.jpg


Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) in action. Phil Isaacs from Upper Blue Mountains Rotary donated a laptop to Tiarith in Siem Reap Cambodia. Erin Marney took Tiarith through how to use the laptop.

laptop handover2.jpg

Kon Seng villagers awaiting supplies


Balls supplied by Marie.


Reconnecting after a 3 year absence.


Payment of wages from Rotary supported BBQ's.

alt new lino.jpg

New lino on our preschool floor Anlong Thom.

Tiara in the background.


Knitted goods warmly received at Kla Kamum.


Mosquito nets for each family at Kla Kamum Cambodia.

Thank you RCEM!


Mosquito nets, blankets and sleeping mats for Kla Kamum Cambodia. Cans and Bottle recycling helps fund this.

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